Mountain Trails Lodge

Fort Davis, Texas

COVID-19 Precautions


With separated cabins, no contact with our staff, and at least two days between guests, you can feel as safe here as in your own home.

We are taking extra precautions during the pandemic:

  • Contactless check in: We'll text or e-mail your room assignment and charge your credit card remotely.

  • No daily housekeeping: If you require extra supplies during your stay, just let us know and we'll leave them on your porch.

  • No immediate neighbors: Except for families and groups traveling together, the cabin adjoining yours will be unoccupied.

  • Time to air out: Cabins sit empty for at least two days between guests.

  • Extra cleaning and sanitizing: Beyond our usual stringent cleaning protocol, we are sanitizing high-touch surfaces and deep cleaning more frequently.

We have plenty of outdoor space for socially distant gatherings. You can bring groceries to cook on our gas grill or get takeout from a local restaurant—and then eat under the pavilion with the hummingbirds.

We are really glad you're planning to visit us! Please take care of yourselves and our communities while you're here:

  • Consider our limited medical resources: Our mountain communities rely on an amazing, but limited and often volunteer, emergency management service. Three counties share one hospital with two ICU beds. Please act responsibly!

  • Respect local businesses: Mask ordinances change frequently; some local businesses require patrons to wear a mask to enter. Others do not. We would really appreciate it if you would wear a mask inside all public buildings and do your best to keep at least six feet between you and others.

  • Call ahead! Some restaurants are open, but with limited seating capacity. Some attractions are open, but they require reservations. Others have closed temporarily. To avoid disappointment, call before you visit. We can help you find the information you need!

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