Mountain Trails Lodge

Fort Davis, Texas

Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family!

Make yourself at home with our onsite amenities:

  • Covered pavilion just steps away from your cabin. Cook meals on the gas grills, or get take out from a local restaurant. (Bring your own cooking utensils and dinnerware).

  • Acres to explore and watch the antics of our resident wildlife and nesting birds, which include western and Cassin's kingbirds, black-chinned hummingbirds, Say's phoebes, cactus wrens, curve-billed thrashers, and scaled quail.

  • Wide-open spaces, sunsets, sunrises, and the Milky Way—right outside your cabin door!

  • Free WiFi, if you need to connect with the outside world. (Trust us; with so much to do, you won't miss television.)

Click here to check availability and reserve your room!


We have space for larger gatherings:

  • Discounts for reserving two or more rooms.

  • Kitchen and dining room in the historic Lodge, with advance notice for an extra charge.

  • Call or e-mail us for group rates & availability!

Gathering in Dining Room
Wagon & Flag
Glass of Wine
Boy at Office Sign
Pavilion & Historic Lodge
Rocking Chair & Cannon


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